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Irish Beer for St. Patrick’s Day


Beer plays a significant role in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural holiday commemorating St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Over time, the celebration has evolved into a global event marked by parades, festivals, and social gatherings.

The association of beer with St. Patrick’s Day is largely influenced by Irish cultural practices, including the rich tradition of brewing and enjoying various types of beer. One specific type of beer closely associated with St. Patrick’s Day is Irish stout, with Guinness being the most famous example. Many people, whether of Irish descent or not, enjoy raising a pint of dark and creamy stout to toast the holiday. Find your perfect St. Patty’s Day six pack at the Co-op!

Guinness Draught


Guinness Irish Stout, renowned globally as an iconic symbol of Irish brewing excellence, is a velvety and robust dark beer that has captivated beer enthusiasts for over two centuries. Distinctive for its deep ebony hue and creamy tan head, this legendary stout boasts a harmonious blend of flavors, including roasted barley, malt sweetness, and subtle hints of coffee and chocolate. Its signature velvety texture and smooth finish make each sip a rich and satisfying experience. Brewed with a meticulous combination of water, malted barley, hops, and yeast, Guinness is celebrated not only for its exceptional taste but also for its historical significance and cultural resonance, embodying the heart and soul of Ireland’s brewing heritage.

Guinness 0


Perfect for individuals who want to celebrate with a classic Guinness but prefer to abstain from alcohol! Guinness has expanded its iconic offerings to include a non-alcoholic version, extending the beloved brand’s reach to those seeking a flavorful and alcohol-free alternative. Crafted with the same dedication to quality and taste, non-alcoholic Guinness maintains the distinctive characteristics of the original stout. This beverage pours with the familiar dark hue and creamy head, delivering a rich blend of roasted barley and malt sweetness, accompanied by subtle notes of coffee and chocolate.

Someone holds a can of Irish Red Ale in the woods.

Boundary Irish Red

Boundary bay brewery

Boundary Bay’s Irish Red beer is a delightful expression of the classic Irish red ale style, encapsulating a perfect balance of malt sweetness and a subtle hop presence. With a radiant amber-red hue, this beer boasts a smooth and medium-bodied profile that is both approachable and flavorful. With fuggles hops and a gentle sweetness that harmonizes with a mild bitterness, the malt complexities shine through. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with hearty dishes, this Irish Red is a great alternative to a stout for St. Patrick’s Day. 

A can of Kulshan's Mossy Rock beer sits on a mossy rock.

Mossy Rock

kulshan brewing company

A local alternative to Guinness, this Irish Dry Stout features classic stout qualities such as a smooth malt body, high drinkability, and a roasty finish. Mossy Rock is a traditional take on the style, boasting bready malt notes and coffee-like malt notes. Kulshan’s Mossy Rock also features a clean, dry finish that is a bit surprising given its black color. Pick up this stout at the Co-op to support a local brewery this St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish soda bread is buttered and ready to enjoy.

Food Pairings

Now you have your beer, don’t forget the fixings!

These brews’ complex and robust flavor profiles make versatile companions to a variety of foods. Rich and hearty dishes, such as beef and lamb stews, shepherd’s pie, and bangers and mash, complement the beers’ malty sweetness. Additionally, the subtle sweet undertones can harmonize with the flavors of chocolate desserts. Cheese with strong flavors, such as sharp cheddar or blue cheese, can also be delightful companions.

At the Community Food Co-op we have corned beef, Whiskey Cream Rolls, and Irish soda bread ready to pair with your favorite beer. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and sláinte!