Community Giving

Donations & Sponsorships

The Co-op is proud to support Whatcom County organizations through sponsorships and donations. Giving back to our community is an important aspect of being a member-owned Co-op. Donation and sponsorship requests are prioritized based on their alignment with our strategic initiatives.

Farm Fund

The Community Food Co-op’s Farm Fund works to increase the supply of local, sustainable, and organic food by supporting projects that strengthen the local farming community.

Since 2000, the Co-op has dedicated a portion of its annual donation budget to the Farm Fund.

Community Shopping Days

Every year the Co-op Member Affairs Committee (MAC) and Board of Directors selects community organizations to be the monthly Community Shopping Days (CSD) recipient.

Community Shopping Days recipients receive 2% of the Co-op’s total sales on the third Saturday of their designated month and all register donations made during the month.

The Real Food Show

Have you heard about the show that combines circus arts, food education, laughter, healthy lifestyle awareness, and fun? The Real Food Show is a dynamic 35-minute performance, produced and developed by the Community Food Co-op in Bellingham, Washington.