Coffee, Snacks, Spices, & More

The Community Food Co-op takes pride in having a diverse bulk food selection of more than 900 items. Discover our commitment to quality, freshness, and sustainably-produced bulk foods. Whenever possible, our products are sourced locally, organic, and fair trade. Find many gluten-free options in our bulk aisle, too!

Co-op shoppers purchase literally tons of food from our bulk department every year. This rapid turnover ensures that our bulk foods and products are always new, fresh, and full of flavor.

Using Bulk

Whether you’re buying groceries in bulk for your household, or simply enjoy the convenience and sustainability of bulk groceries, your food co-op is the best choice. Find basic instructions on how to use our bulk favorites including beans, lentils, rice, and more.

Explore our selection of bulk spices to find the ingredients you need for your cooking and baking projects.