Become a Vendor

Have a ready-to-market product that you believe would be a good fit for the Co-op? Interested in growing and selling food to the Co-op?

We see the economic, social, and environmental value in local products, whether they be value added or straight from the farm. In order to streamline the process to consider potential product additions at the Co-op, we created the following documents to help fledgling businesses gather what they need to start wholesaling. This information is not intended to be a complete guide to starting a small business, but it will help you prepare some of the information we need before the Co-op can consider carrying your product(s).

To begin, first review the New Vendor Packet:

New Vendor Packet
New Vendor CBD Standards

Ready to apply? Download the appropriate application (vendor or farmer) and the New Product Setup page to your computer; then complete, print, and submit the forms as directed on the application.
New Vendor Application
New Meat, Seafood and Egg Producers Application
New Farmer Application
New Product Setup

Aplicaciones en Español
Solicitud de Nuevo Granjero
Acuerdo de Producción para Granjeros

Questions? Submit your questions to [email protected].