Save the Bees with GloryBee


GloryBee provides stores across the Pacific Northwest with pure, raw honey, and are committed to saving bee populations.

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GloryBee Food started in the family garage of Dick and Pat Turanski in 1975 as a beekeeping supply company with a simple family honey stand. Forty years later, they are still family owned and operated in Eugene, Oregon, providing stores like ours across the Pacific Northwest with pure, raw honey.

In 2012, concerned with the rapid decline of honey bee populations, GloryBee launched their Save the Bee campaign to donate a percentage of their sales revenue to organizations dedicated to saving the bee and bee health issues.

In May 2015, The Associated Press reported that more than 2 out of 5 honey bee colonies died in the past year. The loss of honey bees is an issue that every one of us should care deeply about.

That is why now, more than ever, it is time to be diligent in conserving pollinator populations such as the honey bee. Colony Collapse Disorder, insect diseases, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other issues that affect bee health all add to the decline of bee populations.

Not only do these industrious insects provide us with sweet golden honey, they also pollinate one-third of our food crops. Imagine a world without apples, cucumbers, blueberries, or a myriad of other fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

How can you help the honey bee? Plant bee-friendly flowering plants in your yard, avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides on your lawn or garden, learn to be a beekeeper, buy local organic produce, and support beekeepers like GloryBee by purchasing local, raw honey.

Stock up on honey today and help GloryBee Save the Bee!