Shop for Houseplants at the Co-op

House Plants, House Plants, Everywhere!

Nothing makes a house (or apartment, or condo, or dorm room, or camper van) a home quite like plants!

It seems like now more than ever people are enhancing their indoor environments with houseplants while taking comfort in nurturing them and benefiting from the calming sensation and improved air quality they provide.

Did you know you can shop for houseplants at the Co-op?!

Find Your Next Houseplant Here

Stop by soon to see what’s new and take home a plant (if you can stop at just one!) for a cozy addition to your space.

Following are just a few of the indoor plants now available in our stores. There’s a different plant blog in each description so you can choose the right plant for your lifestyle and learn how to properly care for it.

Boston Fern (aka Sword Fern)

Care instructions by

Alocasia Pink Dragon

Care instructions by

Golden Barrel Cactus

Care instructions by

Ficus Elastica Burgundy (aka Rubber Plant)

Care instructions by

Crassula Ovata (aka Jade Plant)

Care instructions by

More Online Resources

We want our shoppers to be successful caring for their new plants! Ask for plant recommendations next time you’re in the store and look for locally grown selections from Van Wingerden Greenhouses in Blaine.

Cordata Grocery Manager Megan’s favorite sites for plant care—

The How-To on Houseplant Identification, Care, Info, and Advice Plant Guides

  • Search their library of plant care guides to learn more about the conditions, preferences, common issues, and information about each of your plants.