A Guide to Onions


Do you know the flavor profile of each onion? How about which onions are best raw versus cooked? This guide to onions will ensure you shop the onion aisle knowing the perfect ingredient for your salsas, stir-fries, soups, and more. For recipes, check out these options from our co-op friends.


Yellow onions are the most versatile. They’re good for any recipe, but they really shine when roasted or slow-cooked. Try French onion soup with this variety!


This variety is more mild. If you don’t like a strong bite from raw onions, add these to your salsas or guacamole.


Deceptively similar to the yellow onion, sweet onions actually have extra sugar in them! This makes them exceptional for caramelizing. Their rings are also flatter than their counterparts, making them ideal for onion rings.


With a gorgeous color these onions add a visual and delicious pop to any salad or sandwich. These are more mild, similar to a white onion.


Good for both raw and cooked uses, shallots are garlicky and pungent. Try tossing these in some oil and laying them beneath chicken in a roasting pan. Or, mince them up to make any salad dressing a little more garlicky.

Green/ Scallion

Green onions are unique in their harvesting process; they are onions picked before they’re fully grown. Both the green and white parts of the green onion are good for cooking. They’re great as a garnish or as an addition to any soup or stir-fry. Looking to keep them whole? Try removing the roots and grilling them!