A Guide to Tomatoes


Tomatoes are a common ingredient, yet most of us don’t shop the produce aisle knowing each variety. This guide to tomatoes will ensure you know which vibrant variety is needed for your recipes, snacking, canning, and more. For recipes, check out these options from our co-op friends.


All the benefits of a tomato in a tiny package — nutrient-dense and bursting with flavor. These tomatoes are perfect for salads, adding to skewers for the stovetop or grill, or even just for snacking!


With more flesh than seeds or juice, beefsteak tomatoes are a keen choice for sandwiches. They are also great in salads, sauces, or juices!


Less watery and sweet than their cherry counterpart, grape tomatoes can add a crisp bite to any salad. They are another great option for snacking. Pack some in your lunch this week as you would berries or grapes!

Heirloom Brandywine

Heirloom tomatoes are unique in their growing process. Heirlooms have not been hybridized. They are grown with flavor as the top priority. Because of this, they often have a thinner skin than hybrid tomatoes. Heirloom Brandywine tomatoes are large and perfect for just about anything! Use this variety in sauces, canning, juices, snacking, sandwiches, or salads.

  • Cour di Bue (Italian Oxheart): One of the best tomatoes for thick, sweet tomato sauce. Also delicious for fresh dishes such as bruschetta.
  • Green Zebrea: Perfect for salads and native to Washington.
  • Speckled Roma: These are also great for tomato sauce due to their lack of seeds.


Roma tomatoes are one of the meatiest varieties. This makes them ideal for cooking. Add them to your next sauce, soup, or canned goods!


Tomatoes sold on the vine can continue to absorb nutrients from this dark green vine for many weeks. This variety is sweet, and that flavor especially shines through in slow-cooking! They’re often found in tomato soup. They’re also great for sauces or canning. If you prefer a sweeter tomato for your sandwich, this variety will do.


Green tomatoes are slightly sour, but in a pleasant way! This flavor can carry into any sauces or salsas you use them for. Have you ever tried fried green tomatoes?