Dang Foods lemon snack bar sits on a plate surrounded by yellow elements such as tablecloths and tea. There is also matcha and a matcha whisk next to this organic snack.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month! Annually celebrated since 1992, AAPI Heritage Month recognizes the cultural contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage to the United States. AAPI is an umbrella term for cultures from the entire Asian continent and the Pacific Islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.

At the Co-op, we are grateful for our AAPI vendors, coworkers, and community members. 

Ways to Support and Celebrate

Shop AAPI Brands at the Co-op

Flynn Farms

Co-op vendor Flynn Farms is woman-owned, veteran-owned, AAPI-owned and certified organic. They grow beautiful veggies, fruits, and lettuce varieties. Keep an eye out for their local produce this summer!

The owner of Flynn Farms harvests green onions in the middle of a field while wearing a large sun hat.


Nutpods was born from a gap in the market for delicious, dairy-free creamers with a rich taste but without additives. They first hit the shelves eight years ago, beginning in co-ops around Seattle. Nutpods has a strong fan base that has helped them become a nationwide sensation in just 10 years!

Maya Kaimal

Maya Kaimal personally oversees her collection of South Asian sauces, meals, marinades, and more. Her mission is to make it easy for Americans to bring India into their home. These products’ packaging and flavors are inspired by Kerala, where her family lives in India.

Sun Tropics

Sun Tropics is a family-owned business focused on making authentic street foods and tropical fruits accessible to kids through snacks and juices. Their best seller at the Co-op is the passion orange guava juice. A beverage both kids and adults will love!

Star Anise Foods

Star Anise Foods, a woman-owned, Asian-owned business, seeks to create the best value Vietnamese foods with high-quality ingredients. Two friends who value easy, nutritious meals created Star Anise. They hope to make homemade Vietnamese food achievable for everybody.

Dang Foods

Founded by two Thai-American brothers and their mom’s recipe, Dang Foods features plant-based, whole-food snacks. Dang Foods is named after their mom. Their treats are inspired by Thai street snacks.

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