Baked from Scratch with Love: The Co-op Bakery

The Co-op bakery team takes pride in preparing baked goods from scratch, using top-quality ingredients, like these melt-in-your-mouth vegan chocolate truffles. Co-op bakers also excel at creating beautifully decorated and delicious custom treats—tailored to customer specifications.

Co-op bakery staff had a very busy year, whipping up several new tempting treats that quickly became popular staple items in our bakery cases.
If you haven’t yet tried the expanded selection of muffins or brioche (mouthwatering creations both sweet and savory), that is an oversight you might want to correct immediately.

Other edible masterpieces coming from the bakery ovens included custom-made birthday cakes and specialty delights that were as beautiful as they were delicious, including an adorable Thomas the Tank Engine cupcake cake and a stunning winter wonderland scene of chocolate ganache-topped cupcakes with sugared thyme and cranberries and meringue mushrooms. Oh, my!

Co-op bakery staff also made some very special birthday boys and girls happy with treats made to satisfy specific dietary requirements, because everybody deserves a sweet celebration on their birthday. Vegan, grain free, sugar free, dairy free, paleo—bring your special request to our talented, experienced baking team and they will create something spectacular to meet your needs.

because everybody deserves a sweet celebration on their birthday

Every February, keep an eye out for decadent specialties to woo your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, including Hearts of Darkness, Bleeding Hearts, Truffles, and I Heart You and Chocolate cakes.

Each and every cookie, cupcake, pesto Parmesan brioche, pumpkin cloud cake, and chocolate caramel cream pie—from the simply sublime to the dazzlingly divine—was made from scratch in our kitchen using the highest quality, non-GMO, and organic ingredients we can affordably source. You’ll never find any artificial colors, antibiotics, or hormones in any of our bakery goods.

The new bakery kitchen, completed in 2016, has 1,300 square feet, about three times the size of the bakery’s former work space. And added some long-wished-for new equipment including ovens that adjust for humidity and a steam kettle (which is basically a giant bain marie or double boiler) for making custards and other recipes that require a gentle heat.

Having a dedicated space also made the rigorous cleaning process prior to the gluten-free bake more efficient.

Oh, and windows! The Cordata kitchens were lovely, but sort of lacking in the window department. Downtown, passers-by can peek behind the scenes and see bakery staff at work through the large windows along Holly Street that also bring some welcome natural light into the bakery work space.

We hope you enjoy eating the delicious goodies that result from the magic (and heartfelt work) that goes on behind the Co-op bakery kitchen doors.