Boards to Impress Your Guests

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Need a gorgeous cheese, butter, or snack board to impress your holiday guests? Here are three trending boards to help you get started.

Butter Boards

Butter boards are claimed to be the next charcuterie board, made famous by TikTok creator Justine Doiron. Impress your friends by trying this delicious and creative trend! 

Butter boards can be as straightforward as they sound — spread butter on a board — or as decadent as you desire by adding toppings. Some of our favorite toppings from the Community Food Co-op are edible flowers, roasted garlic, sea salt, and sweet fruit like figs.

Looking for a butter to impress your guests? Look no further than Burro di Parma. A vegan alternative? We prefer Miyoko’s butter with sea salt. Whichever direction you explore, make sure to add some bread, crackers, or veggies on the side as vehicles for your butter.

Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards — the center of many family gatherings, friendly game nights, and tea-spilling chats! 

While these delicious boards have been a trend for some time, many people don’t know the true meaning of ‘charcuterie’. Charcuterie refers to cured pork products, such as salami or prosciutto. 

When creating a charcuterie board we prefer to use prosciutto, a mix of soft and hard cheeses, local breadjamhoney, and a variety of herbs.   

Does this mean you must include pork on your board? Of course not! Many people adapt these boards to center cheese over meat or to be entirely vegetarian. That doesn’t make the board any less delicious or beautiful. 

Vegan cheese and charcuterie boards are delicious too! We love to use Oloves olives and Violife ‘just like parmesan’. To add a salty vegan meat, cook up some vegan sausages and slice them into bite-size pieces.

Snack Boards

Snack boards have been a Pinterest sensation for a few years now! These boards are a blank canvas. They’re typically themed around a holiday, a party theme, or a type of food and feature a fun design filled to the brim with finger foods.

Our favorites include Christmas boards, dessert boards, and movie night boards. The key to a fun and delicious snack board is variety!

Making your first board for movie night? Here’s a shopping list to get you started:

-Two types of Boom Chicka Pop

-Two types of chocolate

Annie’s cheddar bunnies

-One candy



Have fun creating, and tag us on Instagram (@communityfoodcoop) to share your board with the community!