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Learning to Make Mocktails


With fewer people drinking alcohol and dry January around the corner, it’s time to freshen up your mocktail skills! The Community Food Co-op has some recipes, tips, and tricks for even the most novel of mocktail creators. 

The Trick to a Sensational Mocktail

Quality is important when picking your mocktail ingredients. When you choose higher-quality juices or fresh herbs over dried, you’re introducing a more mature flavor profile. This more mature flavor profile lends itself to complexity, the key to separating mocktails and plain juice.

Complexity can be achieved by including different but complementary ingredients. For example, red chili flakes will bring a warming effect to a mocktail and honey will bring sweetness. These ingredients work together to create a complex flavor profile.

If you prefer your mocktails to imitate the flavors of alcohol, try spicy ingredients for the warming effect and bitter ingredients such as over-steeped tea or citrus pith for bitterness. If you prefer more sour alcohol, try an apple cider vinegar mocktail such as the citrus delight. 

To make a citrus delight, muddle 4 slices of blood orange with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Add some ice then half of a can of grapefruit sparkling water. Stir it all together then top it off with some fresh mint. The result is a mocktail reminiscent of a sour orange cocktail. Too sour for you? Add a teaspoon of maple syrup.

How to Create Your Own

Creating your own mocktail recipe is simple and fun! Pick a shrubsparkling water, and a garnish. 

For example, we love to pair pineapple and sage shrub with coconut sparkling water, then top it off with some fresh sage or mint. 

This basic, three-ingredient recipe allows you to play around with flavors and discover the ratio of tartness to sweetness you enjoy. 

Once you have the hang of it, explore with syrups, fruit juices, and more. Our selection of cocktail mixes and syrups allows for plenty of combinations. Have fun!