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Product Recall: Oatly


Lyons Magnus, under the brand name of Oatly, has voluntarily recalled a number of nutritional and beverage products due to the potential for microbial contamination. If you purchased the following products from the Community Food Co-op, please bring your receipt to either store for a full refund. 

For more information, please contact Oatly by filling out the form on their website

For additional information on the recall, please go to the Food and Drug Administration.  

Oatly Barista Edition  

UPC: 190646630058

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020220Jan2023 LM
032118Aug2022 LM
050219Feb2023 LM
103128Oct2022 LM
120221Jan2023 LM
132119Aug2022 LM
203129Oct2022 LM
250221Feb2023 LM
303130Oct2022 LM
320223Jan2023 LM
333129Nov2022 LM
350222Feb2023 LM
372130Sep2022 LM
380224Mar2023 LM
450223Feb2023 LM
472101Oct2022 LM
480225Mar2023 LM
550224Feb2023 LM
553121Dec2022 LM
572102Oct2022 LM
580226Mar2023 LM
623122Nov2022 LM
650225Feb2023 LM
653122Dec2022 LM
680227Mar2023 LM
723123Nov2022 LM
753123Dec2022 LM
780228Mar2023 LM
823124Nov2022 LM
853124Dec2022 LM
910219Jan2023 LM
922117Aug2022 LM
923125Nov2022 LM
011220Apr2023 LM
111221Apr2023 LM
290202Apr2023 LM
390203Apr2023 LM
490204Apr2023 LM
611226Apr2023 LM
901219Apr2023 LM

Stumptown Cold Brew with Oatly

UPC: 855186006878

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Stumptown Cold Brew with Chocolate Oatly

UPC: 855186006885

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