The Perfect Easter Basket

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With Easter just around the corner, many of us are preparing baskets for our loved ones or enjoying a chocolate bunny of our own. Curate a basket by choosing one or two items from each section of this list for a well-rounded Easter gift.

The Basket

We are proud to carry authentic African mini market baskets from Alaffia. These baskets are handwoven, feature bright spring colors, and help Alaffia provide care for women and children in West Africa.

You can read more about their mission on their website.

Spring Items

A wonderful part of Easter is celebrating the spring season! 


Include a card with a handwritten note to wish your loved one a Happy Easter! We recommend a card that features spring flowers to add bright color to your basket.

A potted rununculas plant sits on a wooden table with three eggs.


Including a small bundle of flowers, a flower start, or a potted plant in your basket helps your loved one brighten their home for spring! At the Co-op we’re especially rich in daffodils, tulips, and ranunculus this time of year.

Featured is a “sprinkles series” ranunculus from Van Wingerden Greenhouses in Blaine.

Spring fruit

Enjoy the end of citrus season or include a Washington spring apple to add a fresh taste to your Easter goodies.


Stuffed Animals

Whether your spring mascot of choice is a chick, a bunny, a pig, or another fuzzy friend, we have the perfect, lovable stuffed animal for your basket.


Small toys such as yo-yos, cup and ball games, spinning tops, and others can be found on our shelves. We also carry art sets such as watercolors. Including a toy gives the kids something to play with throughout the day. 

An Easter basket filled with toys, stuffed animals, and chocolate.

Games for any age

We carry games for all ages! Dominoes, decks of cards, and wilderness games such as forager’s cards to help you identify wildlife are particularly popular. 

These games are classics and add interaction to your basket. And when the egg hunt is over, the family will still have something to do together!

Beauty products

Pick out a local, brightly colored lip balm, hand lotion, lipstick, or nail polish. Not only will it add color to your basket, but also variety in the products you include!

Juice Glasses

One of our favorite parts of spring is enjoying fresh juice or lemonade as the weather warms up! Include a juice glass in your basket with a fun design such as bumble bees, flowers, or trees. This is especially exciting in a basket if it is stuffed with candy!



YumEarth has done it again! Delicious gummy fruit snacks can be found in a bag of 10 individually-wrapped packs. Shaped like bunnies and free of common allergens, these small snacks are the perfect basket filler for a loved one with food allergies.

Local chocolates lay on a wooden table


Your favorite brands are back with spring specials. Whether you prefer a chocolate bar, a filled egg, or a classic chocolate bunny, we’ve got you covered.

For more advanced palettes, Theo’s Chocolate created lemon and coconut almond chocolate bars! Looking for something more classic? Ocho and Tony’s Chocolonely carry many varieties of chocolate eggs.

Local Chocolate 

If you prefer to shop local, look no further than Chocolate Necessities! Featuring both dark and milk chocolate varieties, you can find bunnies, hens, eggs, chocolate bars, and so many more fun shapes to liven up your basket. 

If you make a Co-op Easter basket, take a picture! Make sure to post it and tag us @communityfoodcoop on Instagram or Facebook to be featured on our stories. We can’t wait to see what you create.