The Wines of Mexico

Based entirely around wines from Mexico’s premiere wine growing region of Valle de Guadalupe, Beso Imports is the first company to direct import the wines of Mexico to Washington.

After many trips to the region to meet the growers and learn about their land, farming practices, and philosophies, Beso developed a portfolio showcasing 14 estates and over 60 wines deserving of worldwide recognition. Featuring hand-harvested boutique wineries that produce “single vineyard” wines with limited availability that have only been in the Washington market for less than a year.

The Rich Wine History in Mexico

Mexico is home to Casa Madera, the oldest winery in the New World, founded in 1597. Although, Mexico’s premier wine growing region wasn’t planted until much later in 1791. The region known as Valle de Guadalupe, consists of five valleys surrounding the coastal town of Ensenada just 65 miles south of the U.S./Mexico border on the Baja Peninsula.

The relatively arid region benefits from warm days and cool nights as well as the tempering influence of the Pacific.

This climate combined with old vines, ideal soil profiles, and a culture of wine growing that goes back many generations, results in creating fine wines.

But, don’t take our word for it. Ask our wine stewards for a recommendation and take home a bottle.