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Tony’s Chocolonely


Love chocolate? Yep, that is a rhetorical question for most of us, because … chocolate!

If you’ve perused the options in the chocolate aisle lately, you may have noticed the new, bright wrappers in bold primary colors that are jazzing things up.

The new kid on the block is Tony’s Chocolonely. We’re excited about introducing it to our stores for several reasons.

First, it’s delicious! Second, the bars are satisfyingly big, weighing in at a hefty six ounces per bar. Third, and certainly not least, it is 100 percent slave free and fair trade. Since 2012, Tony’s has been buying cocoa directly from two farming co-ops in West Africa, guaranteeing the farmers benefit from fair prices and financial stability and guaranteeing bean-to-bar traceability for Tony’s.

Tony’s Chocolonely was conceived after Dutch investigative reporter Teun van de Keuken (Tony, in English) learned of the preponderance of child slave labor in the chocolate industry and the widespread indifference of chocolate makers to the abuse. So, he started Tony’s Chocolonely and introduced his first “lonely” fair trade chocolate bars in 2005. Lonely, because they were the only slave-free option on the shelf.

Ten years later, the small but mighty company celebrated with a grand anniFAIRsary! You can watch a video of the event on the Tony’s Chocolonely website in the “about us” tab. And, while you are there, you can also learn much more about the fabulosity that is Tony’s Chocolonely.

By the way, the next anniFAIRsary party will be in November, so if you’re looking for a fun event in Amsterdam you should check it out!

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