Vendor Profile: Wild Carrot Herbals


Founded in 2000, Wild Carrot Herbals is a Northeast Oregon-based, woman-owned skincare company nestled in the heart of historic downtown Enterprise. Owner and formulator Jody Berry takes place seriously. She began her career as an organic farmer and fell in love with medicinal herbs in college. As a fifth generation Oregonian, she wanted to create a plant-based skincare line that made use of all of the magical abundance Oregon has to offer. Twenty-one years later, the team at Wild Carrot handcrafts over fifty different botanical skincare products and bottles, boxes, and ships them all onsite.

A member of the team bottles Sore Muscle Salvation.

Wildcrafted and locally-sourced yarrow, calendula, lavender, rose, and St. John’s wort brings Berry’s creams, salves, oils, and mists to life—and are what sets them apart from the competition. She works with organic farmers in her own community to gather the plants she needs for her creations. Then she uses whole plants, not just isolates or active ingredients, to produce a natural skincare line that is entirely free of gluten, GMOs, parabens, or phthalates to ensure your body is nourished by all of the good stuff with none of the waste.

Jody helps harvest her own lavender along with her friends at Ruby Peak Farms.

For Berry, it isn’t enough to just ethically and sustainably source her ingredients. She is also committed to using the best materials to package and ship her products. The team at Wild Carrot packages every skincare item in recyclable glass supplied by a family-owned business. Each of their jar lids is made from 100% recyclable metal manufactured in the USA. Their product labels are made from ground stone and require no water to manufacture or plastic coating to protect them from oil. Berry boxes her products in FSC-certified paper produced at the mill up the road from her business, so she can support a small family timber operation that uses sustainable logging methods. She even ships her wares in paper packaging to avoid ever using plastic or styrofoam.

Sustainably packaged Wild Rose Hydrating Eye Cream pictured with the wild roses that make its creation possible.

Wild Carrot’s local ingredients and sustainable practices are certainly wild, but it’s a safe bet to trust them with the health of your skin. Find all of the Wild Carrot products we love on our shelves or online.

Jody (second from left) and her team at Wild Carrot.