Your Co-op’s Cycle of Awesomeness


As I am writing this article, Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is in all the headlines. There is a lot of speculation about how it will affect the future of the grocery business as the retail part of our food system consolidates and becomes further beholden to stockholders.

Among the headlines, hypotheses, and announcements, I saw this quote from author Michael Pollan: “Cheap food is an illusion. There is no such thing as cheap food. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere.”

This sentiment rings true when I think about the value we place on the relationships the Co-op has with farmers, producers, community, and staff. We are committed to providing quality foods at fair prices for the hands that buy it, the hands that sell it, the hands that grow it, and the hands that harvest it.

We believe in the positive impact of cooperation on our food system and aspire to nurture a healthier world. At the Co-op, local isn’t just a tagline. And sustainability isn’t just a talking point. It’s simply the way we do business, with care and conscience.

During Co-op Month, in October, consider joining or inviting a friend to join a revolution—a truly locally grown, community-owned cooperative grocery store with a healthy food system at its core.

Farmer & Producer

We buy from 396 local farmers and producers. We support their business development and introduce them to new customers through articles, in-store signs, and tastings. Buying local also limits food miles.


We employ more than 250 people, are the only retail store north of Seattle that is a member of the Domestic Fair Trade Association, communicate with labor rights groups, and are committed to fair and equitable treatment for food system workers.


Our scratch bakery and deli kitchens turn organic and local ingredients into delicious food that is sold in our stores and distributed to local eateries.


In our two grocery stores and bakery café, we strive to create a welcoming, inclusive community hub to provide consistent access to local and organic products at a fair price.


Together we invest and collaborate in education, activism, food access, healthy neighborhoods, and sustainability.