Cordata Curbside pickup closed until Saturday, September 23. Downtown Curbside pickup is still available!

List of Bulk Spices by Name

Listed Alphabetically

This is a sample list, please check in-store at our Downtown or Cordata locations for active offerings.

Agar Agar
All Spice Ground Organic
All Spice Whole Organic
Alum Granules
Anise Seed Organic
Anise Star Whole Organic
Arrowroot Powder Organic
Astragalus Organic
Bac’Uns Organic
Baking Powder Organic
Baking Soda
Baking Yeast Redstar
Basil Leaf c/s Imported
Basil Leaf c/s Organic
Bay Leaf Organic
Beet Powder Organic
Berbere Seasoning Blnd Organic
Bilberry Berry Whole
Broth Powder Beef Flavored
Broth Powder No-Chicken Organic
Broth Powder Veg. L/S Organic
Burdock Root Organic
Buttermilk Powder
Cacao Nibs Raw Organic
Cajun Seasoning Organic
Calendula Flower Petals Organic
Caraway Seed Whole Organic
Cardamom Ground Organic
Cardamom Pods Whole Organic
Cardamom Seeds Whole Organic
Carob Powder Lt. Roast Organic
Carob Powder Medium Roast
Catnip C/S Organic
Cayenne 20 000 HU Organic
Cayenne 35 000 HU
Cayenne 90 000 HU Organic
Celery Salt Organic
Celery Seed Organic
Chamomile, German Organic
Chile Peppers Whole Chipotle
Chile Powder Blend Extra Spicy
Chili Peppers Crsh Red Organic
Chili Peppers Whole Ancho
Chili Peppers Whole Birdseye
Chili Peppers Whole Chipotle
Chili Powder Blend Fiesta
Chili Powder Blend N/Salt
Chili Powder Blend Organic
Chili Powder Blend W/Salt
Chili Powder Chipotle
Chili Powder Med Roast Organic
Chipotle Powder Organic
Chives c/a
Chives c/a Organic
Chlorella Powder
Cilantro Leaf c/s Organic
Cinnamon Powder Ceylon Organic
Cinnamon Powder Korintje
Cinnamon Powder Organic
Cinnamon Powder Viet. Organic
Cinnamon Sticks 6 Inch
Cinnamon Sticks Organic 2.75In
Citric Acid Powder
Cloves Ground Organic
Cloves Whole Organic
Cocoa Mix Hot Organic
Cocoa Powder Alkalized Organic
Cocoa Powder FT Equal Exchange Organic
Coriander Seed Ground
Coriander Seed Ground Organic
Coriander Seed Whole Organic
Cornstarch Organic
Cream Of Tartar
Cumin Seed Ground
Cumin Seed Ground Organic
Cumin Seed Whole
Cumin Seed Whole Organic
Curry Powder
Curry Powder Lemon
Curry Powder Muchi
Curry Powder Organic
Dandelion Root Cut Organic
Dandelion Root Rstd. Granules
Dill Seed Organic
Dill Weed Whole Organic
Dong Quai Organic
Elderberries Organic
Eleuthero Root Powder Organic
Fajita Seasoning Organic
Fennel Seed Whole
Fennel Seed Whole Organic
Fenugreek Seed Whole Organic
Five Spice Pwdr. China Organic
Fo-Ti Powder Organic
Garam Masala
Garlic Granules
Garlic Granules Organic
Garlic Granules Roasted
Garlic Minced Organic
Garlic N Herb Seasoning
Garlic Powder Organic
Garlic Salt Organic
Ginger Root Ground
Ginger Root Ground Organic
Grains of Paradise Seed Whole
Guar Gum
Gumbo File
Hawthorn Berries Organic
Hemp Seed Nuts Toasted
Herbes de Provence Organic
Italian Seasoning Organic
Jamaican Seasoning Organic
Juniper Berries Whole Organic
Kelp Powder Baja Organic
Kuzu Organic
Lavender Organic
Lemon Peel Powder Organic
Lemongrass c/s Organic
Licorice Root C/S Organic
Mace Organic
Marjoram c/s Organic
Marshmallow Root c/s Organic
Mexican Seasoning
Milk Thistle Seed Organic
Mustard Ground Yellow
Mustard Ground Yellow Organic
Mustard Seed Brown Organic
Mustard Seed Yellow Organic
Nettle, Stinging Organic
Nutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Ground Organic
Nutmeg Whole
Onion Flakes
Onion Flakes Organic
Onion Granules
Onion Powder Organic
Orange Peel c/s Organic
Oregano Leaf c/s Mexican
Oregano Mediterranean c/s
Oregano Organic c/s
Organic Echinacea Purpurea
Organic Hibiscus Flowers
Paprika Hungarian Ground
Paprika Organic
Paprika Spanish Smoked
Parsley Leaf c/s Organic
Pau d’Arco Bark, cut
Pepper Black Coarse Organic
Pepper Black Fine Organic
Pepper Black Med Grind Organic
Pepper Lemon Organic
Pepper White Organic
Peppercorns Black Organic
Peppercorns Gourmet 3 Peppers
Peppercorns Pink Organic
Peppercorns Sichuan
Peppercorns Tellicherry Organic
Peppercorns White Organic
Peppermint Leaf c/s Organic
Pickling Spice Original
Pizza Seasoning Organic
Popcorn Seasoning Cheddar Chse
Popcorn Seasoning Cheddr & Spc
Poppy Seeds Organic
Potato Starch Organic
Poultry Seasoning Organic
Psyllium Husk Powder Organic
Psyllium Husk Whole Organic
Pumpkin Pie Spice Organic
Raspberry Leaf Red Organic
Red Clover Organic
Red Rose Petals
Rishi Mushroom Organic
Rosehips, Cut Organic
Rosemary Leaf Whole Organic
Sage Leaf Crushed Dalmation
Sage Leaf Rubbed Organic
Salt – Alder Smoked Coarse
Salt – Applewood Smoked, Yakima
Salt – Celtic Sea Salt
Salt – Fleur de Sel
Salt – Hawaiian Red
Salt – Kosher Sea Salt
Salt – Murray River Flake
Sassafras Bark c/s
Senna Leaf, Cut Organic
Sesame Seeds Black Organic
Sesame Seeds Hulled Organic
Slippery Elm Bark Organic
Soy Lecithin Granules
Spearmint Leaf, Cut Organic
Spike Seasoning
Spirulina Powder
Spirulina Powder Organic
Sprouting Seeds 5 Part Salad Mix
Sprouting Seeds-3 Part Mix Organic
Sprouting Seeds-Alfalfa Organic
Sprouting Seeds-Broccoli Organic
Sprouting Seeds-Red Clover Organic
Stevia Powder Organic
Taco Seasoning Organic
Tapioca Granules Organic
Tarragon Leaf c/s Organic
Thyme Leaf c/s
Thyme Leaf c/s Organic
Turmeric Root Powder
Turmeric Root Powder Organic
Valerian Root cut Organic
Vanilla Bean Whole Organic
Vanilla Beans Madagascar Organic
Vitamin C Blend
Vitamin C Powder Pure
Wheat Grass Powder Organic
Xantham Gum
Yarrow, C/S Organic