Shop in Bulk and Save


Shopping in bulk is a great way to reduce the carbon-footprint (and the cost) of your grocery haul, but your first foray into the bulk section can be intimidating. We want everyone to feel comfortable and capable in all parts of our store, so we’ve developed a handy guide to get you started. Check out the video below.


Shop in the bulk section to save money and use less plastic! Co-op members, use your one-time use 30% discount on bulk items by 9/26.

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In 2022, we sold over 400,000 pounds of bulk products. Everything from nuts and seeds to coffee and tea. Shopping in bulk saves money, packaging, and food waste. In this guide, we highlight some popular favorites and essentials for you to make the most of what shopping in bulk has to offer.


Our coffee selection is truly magnificent. Find everything from light to extra dark roasts, single origin coffees, and decaf blends. Many of which are from a variety of local roasters like Hammerhead, Maniac, and Tony’s. We also have excellent burr grinders available for use so you can dial in the perfect grind every time.


Spice is the secret to good flavor, and with hundreds of spices, herbs, and extracts to choose from, our collection is hard to beat. Buying pre-packaged spices off the shelf often means paying a premium, which makes bulk spices an enormous cost-saving strategy. Stock up on kitchen staples like salt, pepper, and oregano, and add in a few new spices to your cart each time you shop to expand your cabinet!


Grains count for nearly a third of all bulk sales, and are a staple of nearly every meal. The Co-op has several varieties of rice, oats, and a vast collection of whole grains for every meal of the day, from breakfast to dessert! Try a new type of rice every time you shop to find your favorite.

Nuts and Seeds

Build the perfect trail mix every time by buying your nuts and seeds in bulk, and save money along the way. Find just about every type of nut you can imagine, whether it’s roasted or raw, salted or unsalted, and shelled or unshelled. Add bulk dried fruit and chocolate for a flavor-packed mix the kids will love.

And All The Rest

You’ve only just scratched the surface of our bulk section. We have a wide assortment of gluten-free flours, treats, baking chocolate, teas, and much much more waiting for you. Come take a look and discover something new.